Introducing EdData API

Today we are excited to release our first "official" open source project. There are quite a few minor projects we have released on GitHub, but this is the first official release. We have a few more queued up so keep checking back, there will be quite a few new projects coming soon.

The EdData API is an attempt to create an open source REST API that schools can setup and manage themselves and as needs arise, use it to provide integrations with EdTech vendors or other organizations that need to access your data.

It is the intention that over time, this project will grow to build a much more user friendly interface for choosing who has access to data. Also, we will be releasing as many integrations with our ed tech vendors as we can to jump start other districts on the road to getting a vendor agnostic data integration solution built in their district.

You can find more information about the EdData API at this link EdData API and if you have any suggestions

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